Chocolate explorer, Sophie Meyer sources the best cacao with integrity towards the land and its people.

The C Note Ltd was created out of passion for high quality dark chocolate and Trinidad & Tobago where Sophie has been travelling, filming and exploring cacao for the past 16 years. It is during some of her numerous trips in the forest that she fell in love with the sacred land of cacao and the small producers who have tremendous respect for the Earth. She finally set up her own chocolate brand inspired by local chocolate makers and farmers in 2016. Most of the cacao is sourced in Trinidad & Tobago, Panama and Grenada with views to expand to Latin America.


At The C Note Ltd we work closely with producers and farmers principally in Trinidad & Tobago and Panama where we are developing growing trust and savoir-faire alongside invaluable friendships. The journey of cacao is one of hard labour and commitment from the planting, cleaning of the trees, harvest, fermentation, drying to the roasting and finally the chocolate making. Every single stage of the process is vital to the final quality of The C Note Ltd dark chocolate.

We only work with small to medium size cacao producers who love their cacao and we visit them every year, not only to see about the quality and refine techniques to match an ever-evolving C Note dark chocolate, but also to learn from them and from the amazing fruit that is cacao.

Our Producers

Rancho Quemado, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
Montserrat Cocoa Farmers, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
Tableland Estate, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
Brasso Seco Estate, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
Bethany Estate, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
La Regalada Cocoa Estate, TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
Finca Tranquilla, PANAMA
Buena Esperanza, PANAMA
Siliko Creek, PANAMA
Non Pariel Estate, GRENADA